How to make your iPhone 6 COOLER


Uniqueness Of iPhone 6 Case

Having an iPhone is not completed until we get the iPhone 6 cases that really suit us. The uniqueness of iPhone cases is that it is not only accompanied with a cool design but it is also accompanied by some features that make it quite different with other common cases. In here we are going to tell you about some of the cool iPhone 6 cases that has some noticeable features along with its price.

Pelican Progear Voyager case

Pelican Progear Voyager case

The first case that belongs to cool iPhone 6 cases that we are going to review is the Pelican Progear Voyager case. At the first glance, we will find out that this case is simply remarkable. It comes with many variation in colors such as mint green, pink, black, purple, and many more. Shockingly speaking, this case has met military standards hence we do not need to worry when our iPhone 6 is being harmed. In conclusion, this case offers a remarkable protection to the iPhone but in some fun colors. How great is that? The price itself is truly worth to be paid which is $ 50.

Nodus Access Case

Nodus Access Case

The second case that belongs to cool iPhone 6 cases is the Nodus Access Case. This case is made from a leather with the premium quality that simply makes this case to be very luxurious and elegant at the same time. This case also is equipped with a microfiber lining for a pocket to stash our cash or cards. Another great feature in this case is that it has a micro-suction technology that enable to use to hold our iPhone in any places that we want. This sumptuous case comes with a relatively expensive price which is $100 but it is totally worth it for all the extra features that we are going to have by applying this case on our iPhone.

The era of smartphones: iPhones – A popular choice

This is the age of modern technology and when we talk about technology, the best invention was of telephone. But gone are those days when people used the dial the number through a bakelite phone. Today people have phones in their pockets and these phones just don’t only allow you to make calls but have many other features that would save your time and makes things easy. They are called smartphones. The most popularly bought smartphones are the iPhones. If you want to flaunt your status symbol buy an iPhone. These phones not only offer you style and design but also advanced features.

iphone 3g

Wide Availability

If you are worried about iPhone and its expensive range, you may feel relieved to know that the iPhones are now available at cheap prices. If you think that buying a cheap iPhone would compromise its quality and features then you are mistaken. The cheap iPhones are getting updated and now offer you the same features and processing but at affordable prices. The market is now flooded with such iPhones and you can easily get your hand on the desired iPhone within your budget.

Tailored Options

The technology rises up so rapidly than there is not much difference in time between two models. It has also progressed to a level of offering you customized features. You now don’t need to stick to the operating system offered by the phone but change it according to the update or the version that is user-friendly for you. Because of this you can enjoy the phones with advanced features in your affordable phones.

Look for Stores

Buying cheap iPhones for sale will require research. You need to look for different dealers and stores that offer you these iPhones at budgets suiting your pockets. These dealers should also help you with customization according to the specification and requirements you want. By paying no extra charges or may be a few you can easily get the desired feature on your iPhone and that too without shelling much of your hard earned money.

Applicable to many Smartphones

You can get your iPhone as well as other smartphones at affordable prices and don’t even compromise on your requirements. all these features offered by dealers are not only restricted to iPhones but also other smartphones. So get out and start buying the ones that you desire.

Apple iPhone 6: the year phone of 2014

Have a Quick Closer Look at the Talk of the Year Phone

Apple iPhone already adds a spark in your personality and it is a device of stature, while talking about the new launch in the series of iPhone that is Apple iPhone 6 is even better and bigger than its previous models. Apple iPhones have always been in a held back talk about its small screen size which is meant in that way by the manufactures to let the device be used conveniently and carried in an expedient way. But iPhone has come up with a bigger 4.7” screen which brings a sense of satisfaction for the users craving for bigger screen in the Apple iPhones.

iphone 6

Better idea, new features

If you are looking at the quick review iPhone 6, then you should know that the new launch iPhone 6 comes with 4.7” screen which is bigger than the previous models. The wireless speed has been improved to allow fast and speedy usage, the camera auto focus has been made better than before with which you get to have amazing picture quality. The whooping 128GB storage capacity is the best of all making the device multipurpose storage device. Comes with iOS mobile operating system which makes it’s a secure and protected device.

iphone 6 whiteThe thin and fast new launch iPhone 6 is in all ways better than its previous models. The battery life is one factor which is under criticism due to its average life. If you are an iPhone freak and short battery life is not an issue under your usage style then you should definitely go for this device which is an exceptional invention providing all what is necessary for handling a sleek, stylish, handy, and the stature of any phone adding a blink to your personality. Go on and own the perfect new launch meant for people who are completely an Apple iPhone lovers.

The accessories should have for iPhone 6

If you carry a fascinating style statement then iPhone 6 adds as an accessory to your style, as it is an alluring style statement in itself. The iPhone 6 accessories offered by Apple make it more likeable and add an extra style to the device while protecting it from regular damage perils. The various fascinating accessories present in the market include the following:

The wrap pack- the covering requirement could be fulfilled by opting the following options

  • Combo black leather wallet including a pocket for your iPhone plus your cash and cards so that you could carry your belongings handy and be comfortable while carrying your phone as well. It adds a classic look to your device and your rudimentary requirements are carried in grace as well.
  • PigiBak is the ultra slim pocket which sticks to your phone and fits in your pocket bringing convenience while carrying your phone.
  • Leather outer surface with soft inner surface is present in a warm leather look cover which protects and covers your phone in elegance. There are many iPhone cases available on the market now, so you should research the best cases for iPhone 6 before you buy it.

iPhone 6 Leather Case

Carry the charging unit

Slimger charge

  • Slimger is the world’s slimmest charger with which you could charge your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. This transportable charger has a built in USB cable which makes it more convenient for you to carry this already opportune device.
  • Uni charge universal charging station is a one sop solution for your devices, it supports charging multiple devices.

Let the device hold onto itself


  • EleMount adjustable iPhone Desktop/counter stand holds on your device on a table or counter near your convenient place allowing you to use your phone while being at rest.
  • Magnetic car phone mount allows you to mount your phone in your car while you drive and spend time in your car.

Connecting cable

  • Braided leather Cabelet is a smart and elegant looking cable for connecting to numerous devices. Connects Apple lightning connector equipped devices and micro USB equipped devices.
  • Kero Apple lightning Nomad Cable is a 3 inch cable for connecting your device on the go. An easy, convenient key ring cable connector.

The Apple iPhone 6 accessories add a lightning spark to the look of your stylish iPhone 6, protect your phone against the outer damages and retain the style offered by the company. Enjoy owning the world class device which adds a star to your personality.

The Incredible iPhone 6 Response

Apple iPhone 6 the bigger, better and the more stylish then ever has been released and the iPhone freaks have gone avid over the device that has taken away the hearts of the iPhone lovers. Filling the flaws and focusing on the size of the screen, iPhone 6 with bigger 4.7 inches screen was released on September 19, 2014 with its first lot. The alluring changes made in the device including larger display, elevated camera, value added LTE and Wi-fi connectivity with easy payment options made the iPhone lovers go crazy with the new release which made the stock get sold out in a snap of finger evident by the pre-orders exceeding 4 million orders within 24 hours of its availability.

iphone 6

Photo: Flickr

Record breaking response

Apple iPhone 6 release created record with a mind blasting 4 million pre-orders with 24 hours of its availability and more than 10 million sale of devices with the first 3 days created another whooping Apple record. The response from the consumers was evident to show the enthusiasm with which iPhone six was purchased and used by the iPhone lovers. Coming over the held back factor like smaller screen did made the iPhone freaks go crazy over the new launch which created history in the iPhone market.

iphone 6 flickr

Photo: Flickr

Apple launched the handset in 22 more countries on 26 September, 2014 where from the same fervent response was seen form the customers. The device has been stated to be the best release of the year 2014 and its consumption has created history in the market of phone device. The device is a star in the iPhone market and it has provided features which have made the device even more preferable. The IOS operating system plus the enhancement done in the device has made in the talk of the market, and the sales have created history accordingly.

Here’s iPhone 6 review by The Verge

iPhone 6 features

  • LTE¹ and 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • iCloud is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  • 4.7-inch (diagonal) Retina HD display with 1334-by-750 resolution
  • 1080p HD video recording at 60 fps and slo-mo video recording at 240 fps
  • Phone activation required before use.
  • Apple, the Apple logo, FaceTime, iPhone, iSight, and Retina are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  • A8 chip with M8 motion coprocessor
  • FaceTime HD camera
  • iOS 8 and iCloud
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • 8MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels and True Tone flash